Center Circle Hoops -
Individual Training
Center Circle Hoops gladly offers competitive pricing for our comprehensive training program, which is unique in the fact that our training is ongoing and continuous, not based on a set number of lessons. Our athletes are given individual instruction which is incorporated within a group dynamic, as part of each training session, which allows our athletes to develop under game-like conditions.
Each session is approximately 1 hour in duration. 
Rates for athletic training are as follows: 
                              $175 per month.
                              $60 per week.
                              $25 per session.

Training will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
Please register on the Training  Register & Pay page.  Upon registration and payment the athlete’s enrollment status will be confirmed with the training dates and times along with the number of agreed upon training sessions or monthly duration. The initial payment will cover the  the start of training, and will be due on a recurring basis, either monthly or weekly. This will maintain the athlete’s enrollment status as active. This active enrollment status is continuous and will remain throughout the athlete’s development phase.  Please note that most standard training periods typically average ninety (90) days within a development phase for an athlete; however we realize that an athlete never stops developing, therefore as the level of skills acquired progresses, our athletes are continuously met with new challenges that require ongoing competitive training.  
Current training locations:  Huntersville: Huntersville Elementary
                                                                   Lake Norman Charter
                                                                   Barnette Elementary                    
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