Center Circle Hoops -
Center Circle Hoops has a rich tradition of developing young athletes into more fundamentally sound, complete basketball players. Our goal is to create a continuous coaching environment where training and preparation integrate into instinctive game-time performance. Our learning intensive environment enriches the young athlete’s exposure to game-like conditions and promotes mental awareness, physical toughness and proper decision-making abilities.
Center Circle Hoops offers more than basketball training, much more! We are unique in that along with our program, we also provide our athletes with community and cultural awareness and academics. We want our athletes to develop completely, by providing continuous opportunities for character trait building and instill in them the critical attributes that make for better citizens in their communities and leaders in our society.
We hope that you are motivated to take charge of your child's future by allowing us to make a difference in the young athlete's present situation; join us today at Center Circle Hoops, where greatness begins!
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